Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Using fiber for the first time

Well, there she is. The Majacraft Rose in my new little spinning corner of the living room. I have been practicing just treadling for the last few days and I just couldn't wait anymore...I added fiber to the mix. I pulled out some batts from Linda Diak at Grafton Fibers and took a deep breath. I started out working the fiber, attempting to mimic what Betty demonstrated to me when I made my purchase. Well, I have successfully made...rope! I seem to be able to spin it OK, but I can't get it to feed onto the spool. My husband Glenn has been very supportive, reminding me that it just takes practice, like everything else and it will come in time. Like most of my "analog" interests (crochet, fly fishing, fly tying and now spinning), the skill came in time.

Stay tuned...

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